Socar “Petkim” – Turkey


Founded in 1965, Petkim operates as Turkey’s first and only petrochemical producer. In its innovative plant in Aliağa, Izmir, the company supports the Turkish industry with over 60 petrochemicals.
Petkim is currently one of the largest companies in the sector and one of Turkey’s leading exporters. Petrochemical products produced by Petkim are used in many sectors such as automotive, electrical, electronic, agricultural, packaging, textile, pharmaceutical, paints, construction, detergents and cosmetics. Satisfy the production needs is fundamental and the company does so with a gross production volume of 3.2 million tons / year.

By supplying products to 6,000 SMEs only in Turkey, the company exports to over 60 countries and generates added value on an international scale. In Italy Petkim has a partnership with Polyprom which will be the sole distributor for the territory